Push Amplify Upgrade: A Dive into Notifications 2.0

Push Amplify Upgrade: A Dive into Notifications 2.0

Push Protocol is excited to announce the Push Amplify Upgrade, a revolutionary set of features designed to elevate the notification experience for both users and developers.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Channel History: Never miss a beat again! With enhanced channel history, users can now access a complete record of past conversations and content within a channel. This ensures you stay up-to-date on all important alerts from your favorite DeFi protocols and NFT brands.

  • Push for NFT Communities: NFT projects can now leverage Push’s revamped group chat UI with token gating functionality. This allows for exclusive chat rooms accessible only to holders of specific NFTs, fostering a strong sense of community and targeted communication.

  • Hyper Scalability: The partnership with Guild.xyz allows for the creation of multi-tiered access within the group chat based on Guild roles. Imagine VIP channels for early adopters or dedicated areas for high-volume traders!

  • Unstoppable Domain Integration: Join channels using your human-readable Unstoppable Domain address (like yourname.nft) for a seamless and familiar experience.

Powering the Future: Push Network and Push DAO

The Push Amplify Upgrade goes beyond the user experience. It introduces the Push Network, a robust infrastructure designed for scalability and decentralization. The network will consist of three key node types:

  • Validator Nodes: These nodes act as the backbone of the network, batching notifications, validating them, and providing essential APIs for the SDK.

  • Storage Nodes: Responsible for indexing notifications, ensuring efficient data retrieval.

  • Delivery Nodes: Deliver notifications directly to user devices based on their crypto wallet addresses.

The network is secured by a smart contract that governs node staking and slashing mechanisms, powered by the $PUSH token.

Push DAO: A Community-Driven Powerhouse

The Push DAO is a community-run organization dedicated to propelling Push Protocol’s growth and ecosystem development. It operates through subDAOs with specific functions, including:

  • Business Development (BD) subDAO: Focuses on strategic growth initiatives for Push Protocol.

  • Grants subDAO: Manages community grants and future Push ecosystem grants.

  • Push Council: Oversees budgets for all subDAOs and the DAO itself.

Anyone can contribute to the protocol’s evolution by proposing Push Improvement Proposals (PIPs). Initiatives are voted on and implemented regularly, ensuring a truly community-driven future.

$PUSH Tokenomics V2

The Push Amplify Upgrade introduces exciting new utilities for the $PUSH token within the Push Network:

  • Staking for Push Nodes: Running validator, storage, and delivery nodes will require staking a certain amount of $PUSH, contributing to network security and stability.

  • API Call Staking: To prevent spam, writing API calls for sending notifications will require staking $PUSH.

This is just the beginning of Push Tokenomics V2. Stay tuned for even more exciting features as Push Protocol continues to revolutionize notifications! Join the Push Fam community on Twitter and Discord to stay updated.